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    A couple times I have tried to take the data from a form and, once I have written it to a database, put it into a new form for transmission to another location with other form fields for additional data, but I have yet to figure out how I can pass the variable gotten from the first form to the new form, other than re-opening the database and taking it out of there. There must be a more efficient way of passing a variable. the most recent application is one in which form data is submitted, witten to a database and then the amount entered is sent, via new submit button to a secure server. Any ideas?
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    Well one approach would be to have the page that inserts the data and the new form be the same. So one form posts to a page which contains some php code at the top that inserts into the database and then displays the new form below it with access to all the variables which were just inserted
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    I'm fairly new to php, but what I did was create a variable holding the query:

    // let us build a query string:

    $qs = "?ip1=" . urlencode ($ip1) .
    "&ip2=" . urlencode ($ip2) .
    "&ip3=" . urlencode ($ip3) .
    "&ip4=" . urlencode ($ip4) .
    "&relDomainID=" . urlencode ($relDomainID) .
    "&relSystemID=" . urlencode ($relSystemID)

    $URL = "YOURFORM.PHP" . $qs;

    <form method=post ACTION="<? echo ($URL) ?>


    So you can submit to "yourform.php" with the query behind the URL.

    But I always use 1 page for listing, validating and inserting. Works fine with me.

    Hans Buis
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    This is all nice, but let me tell you, from a recent experience..

    I just finished up a "registration" form, that worked in steps..

    you know.. fill in information, submit, get presented the next set of input fields..

    This presented some very interesting situations..

    Granted, I did it all in one document, like I normally handle forms with PHP.. but I found myself faced with a some very interesting issues..

    All -in-all I opted to insert the data into the database at the end of each step.

    That way I didn't have to carry copius amounts of hidden form fields.

    I also chose to use a cookie in conjunction with a hidden field.. to solve any "non-cookie" users.

    So far it appears to work nicely.. my problem really came from trying to decide "where" to start the database entry process.

    If anyone knows of a way to prevent a document from being stored in a viewers browser history.. I would certainly like to know.. that would solve other potential problems

    SnR Graphics,
    Low Cost Hosting and Web Development.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by hansel:
    I'm fairly new to php, but what I did was create a variable holding the query:


    Just FYI, if you're running Apache, there is a global variable $QUERY_STRING that already holds the query....it might work on other servers, also, you'd have to give it a try...

    ---John Holmes..

    * The manual can probably answer 90% of your questions...
    * PHP Manual. www.php.net/manual
    * MySQL Manual: www.mysql.com/documentation/mysql/bychapter
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    or the old fashioned way...

    <input type="hidden" name="passed_var" value=<? echo $passed_var;?>">

    Simon Wheeler
    FirePages -DHTML/PHP/MySQL

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