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    Php books

    Hi, guys, im new here. I've got books about html, css and javascript, but there r so many books about php, i dunno which one to read. Since u guys know more than me i would like to know which book i need to learn php and where to go from there. I heard books about php 5.5.0 r outdated, i really do not get this, but can you guys please help me? Which books do i need?
    Thx in advance.
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    Originally Posted by ydm
    . . . I heard books about php 5.5.0 r outdated . . .
    At the time I'm writing this comment, PHP 5.4.13 is considered to be the current stable version. From some specific aspects, in particular, the security, yes a book may soon become outdated. Yet, it's not just by finishing a book that you will know everything about PHP. On of the definitive sources is obviously the PHP official online documentation. A book, at least for a beginner, should be regarded rather as a tool for learning the language core, in a more structured and beginner friendly way.

    There are actually many different books. Also what is a good book is to some extent a matter of taste, everybody don't look for the same thing while reading a book

    Just as an example (again, an example among many others) I found the following book quite helpful and informative.


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    I can only stress what dariyoosh already said:

    Look for good books, not books claiming to be written for PHP x.y.z (some even claim to support PHP 6.0, which has never existed and was cancelled a while ago).

    The ugly reality is that many PHP programmers write code and HTML like it was 1995 or something. As long as the book has made it into the 21. century, you're fine.

    You need to keep learning, anyway. There's nothing worse than when a programmer doesn't keep up to date -- which, unfortunately, applies to a big part of the PHP community.

    Personally, I'd just go to Amazon and check the ratings. The O'Reilly books are usually pretty good.
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