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    I get the todays date- yesterdays date and tomorrows date, like so:

    $yesterday = date ("Y-m-d", mktime (0,0,0,date("m"),(date("d")-1),date("Y")));

    $tomorrow = date ("Y-m-d", mktime (0,0,0,date("m"),(date("d")+1),date("Y")));

    $actualdate = date("Y-m-d");

    Which returns the date in the format "200-11-13"

    But I need to add 13 hours to all three - how owuld I do this?
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    just use date("h")+13 in the hours section of mktime.

    $tomorrow = date ("Y-m-d", mktime (date("h")+13,0,0,date("m"),(date("d")+1),date("Y")));

    I think "h" is for hours, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, something to point out. If this line executes right at midnight, and half of the date calls are in one day, the the other half in the next day...that'll mess things up, probably. sure, small occurance, but you should plan for everything. even thought it's midnight there, that'll be the time when you biggest client in Asia looks at the page and it breaks....

    thought i'd share...

    ---John Holmes...

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