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    Different php include by date

    I want to have a different include on a page according to the user's choice and if there is no choice, the date. The part with cookies to change the included php works, but the page is totally ignoring the date. I want it to be in that order, first considering if the user has made a choice and then if not, it will assign an include depending on the date. The choices are in order, I want the code to stop once it finds a choice that fits and just go with that, so I used "if else", as there can be more than one choice that is true, thus I thought it might not work with "switch case". Here's what I have, the cookies work, but the lines dealing with the date are ignored. I tried putting the day in a variable, but it didn't make a difference.

    $thedays = date(d);
    if ($_COOKIE["confetti"] == "ver1") { include("axel7.php"); }
    else if ($_COOKIE["confetti"] == "ver2") { include("yuki7.php"); }
    else if ($_COOKIE["confetti"] == "ver3") { include("zel7.php"); }
    else if ($_COOKIE["confetti"] == "ver4") { include("yug3.php"); }
    else if ($thedays <= 7) { include("yug3.php"); }
    else if (($thedays >= 8) && ($thedays <= 14 )) { include("axel7.php"); }
    else if (($thedays >= 15) && ($thedays <= 21)) { include("yuki7.php"); }
    else if ($thedays >= 22) { include("zel7.php"); }
    else { include("axel7.php"); }
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    PHP Code:
    $thedays date('d'); 
    2. Put a special echo inside each if block so you know exactly which branch was executing (because you're using files in different places). Also echo $thedays. What do you get?
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    the "d" makes no difference -- unless you happen to have a constant with this exact name (which would be rather weird). But it's still wrong, of course.

    How do you know the time part "doesn't work"? Have you actually verified the cookie doesn't exist? I've tested the code, and it did exactly what it's supposed to do.

    However, using $_COOKIE values that may not exist isn't good practice, because this generates a lot of notices. You may not see them, but PHP generates them nonetheless. Use isset(). to avoid this. I also find it rather weird to "misuse" external files as some kind of subroutine. Often times this points to a bad application structure and/or a lack of abstraction. But that's just a guess.
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