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    What is it that php can do and Java canít?


    I don't really understand why so much effort to make PHP great when Java is already out there?

    What is it that php can do and Java canít?
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    Java Swing is the biggest difference IMO.
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    C or C++ can pretty much do everything java can do, so w hy have Java?

    Different languages generally exist because they make certain things easier, not because there is something only they can do. PHP initially was designed specifically for web development with features that suit that purpose like being able to mix HTML and PHP together. Getting a PHP project up and running is easy and finding hosting for it is also easy so that makes it popular with new developers. As those developers become more skilled they will naturally want more features in the language to make things easier, thus the language evolves. It's only natural that as languages evolve their capabilities converge as well.

    Javascript has similarly evolved from being a pretty much browser-restricted DOM language. Now days it can do quite a bit of stuff that 10 years ago would have been unbelivable.

    I haven't really used Java in probably 10 years, so I don't know what it's like these days, but I remember trying to do anything web-based with it was a royal PITA at the time compared to the simplicity of PHP. On the other hand it was pretty good at desktop applications where as PHP-GTK was basically useless.
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