Hey Guys,

My team has migrated a site that runs on php3-MySql (RedHat 6.2) to php3-oracle.

But the problem is, what used to be 2sec-upload time of the main page became 30secs. We've isolated the problem and it's the libphp3.so we've compiled that is causing the problem.

Does any of you have an RPM that you may be willing to share? Or even just the libphp3.so or libphp4.so.

We've done a lot of combinations in compiling the php with Oracle support to no avail.

As for the environment:

- php 3.0.16, Apache 1.3.12, RedHat 6.2 (web-server)

- Oracle 8.1.6, Redhat 6.2 (db server)

Please take note that the scripts are working. The db calls take 1 sec or less. It's the 'eregi' calls (part of REGEX component) that cause 100% CPU utilization on the web-server.

Please let me know if you have a working RPM or libphp. Or if in case you know where I could get one.