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    Question PHP Query Assistant

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this code, however, am trying to learn.

    Recently had a website built and there was some PHP used within it - some of it I understand, some of it I don't.

    This is a news page article (darlingtontowntwinning.co.uk/testing.php).
    As you can see the news just keeps appearing on the right hand side.
    What I am looking to do, is to limit the amount of news that appears on the page (say until the 1/1/12) and then for all articles to display (either on the same or a different page) when "See More News" is clicked from the bottom of the list.

    I've been told that I'll need a WHERE query added into the code, I just can't work out where.
    If you guys could help, that'd be great!

    <div id="right" class="news">
    <? $news=$session->getNews("","","",1);?>
    <? while($article=mysql_fetch_array($news)){?>
    $date = $article['thedate'];
    $year = date('Y', $date);
    $month = date('F', $date);
    <h4><?=$month." - ".$year;?></h4>
    <nav class="small">
    <? $innernews=$session->getNews("",$month,$year);?>
    <? while($innerarticle=mysql_fetch_array($innernews)){?>
    <a href="/news/<?=$innerarticle['ftitle']?>" <? if($title==$innerarticle['ftitle']){?> class="active"<? }?>><?=$innerarticle['title']?></a>
    <? }?>
    <? }?>
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    1) STOP! If you are just learning DO NOT use the depreciated MySQL extensions. Use PDO.
    2) Please enclose your code in [ PHP ] tags. See the sticky at the top of the forum list and ManiacDan's New User Guide.
    3) This is not really a PHP question but rather a MySQL question.
    4) One of the reasons you are struggling is that you are not looking in the right place. You do not show your query string. Post the class definitions for the database especially the class containing the getNews method and the query string.
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