i'm writing a PHP client for a SOAP webservice

i have this scenario:

A unix website server with SOAP client PHP4 and nusoap
B windows SOAP server with restricted access by IP allowed only from server A
C my local PC is a mac with apache, php 5.3.26 and PHP5 soap class and nusoap PHP5 version library, dynamic IP
i can also use a virtual machine with linux (mint)

i can't access SOAP webserver directly because i have dynamic IP and can't ask to allow other IP

the problem is that php SOAP client on server A trying to fetch about 1,5Mb SOAP response with 7 minutes timeout and 512Mb memory_limit gets time out

i tried with a test PHP that does only a var_dump or response and the process is often slow

i'm thinking to use my local machine and port forward to server 80 just for SOAP request, i will also need to port forward mysql too ( as soon i get soap client to work :-) )

* what i already try *

i try to open by shell on my mac a dynamic port forward

ssh -ND 9999 user@MyServerA.com
on firefox i installed FoxyProxy and set a new proxy SOCKS host port 9999

if i call WSDL url with this profile active i can reach it

i made a test script with nusoap class for PHP5 since previous nusoap class name is the same of actual PHP5 class name

$client = new nusoap_client($ServerSoapURL, false);
without proxy i get an IIS server 403 respons as expected

$client = new nusoap_client($ServerSoapURL, false, '', '9999');
i get a 404 unix apache respons, i guess is my local machine

also tried with PHP5 soap class

$client = new SoapClient( $ServerSoapURL, array('trace' => 1, 'proxy_host' => "", 'proxy_port' => 9999) );
$client = new SoapClient( $ServerSoapURL );
it fails on both

i also tried with specific port forward

ssh user@MyServerA.com -L 9999:0IP.0MY.SER.VER:80
and call in browser my WSDL url adding :9999 but get me a 403 error, like port forward is not working

NOW i'stuck :-)