ok I think I got it. I just wish I was told it was this easy. One of my biggest issues was knowing where to put the PHP script file for the contact form. It just goes in the root folder for the site so that was easy.

Other issue was the file upload which I've completely ditched because adding php_MIME code is way over my head.

Last was the actual form. It always looked right on the site and I tested it on xampp and it works fine. I receive the message from the PHP script so I know it was called.

In order to update the site I can use the LMSOFT creator I have as long as I'm not messing with the contact form page. If I use the contact form page I will have to upload all changes to XAMPP, then open that folder in Web Expression, make sure the form is still functional and update what needs updated, then upload the site through Web Expression.

It's a little bit of legwork but the process isn't even ten minutes.

Only thing that's left is making sure all emails are sent. I will test it as soon as it's uploaded and if it doesn't work I will have to go the unprofessional route and link to the online shop but I read a forum post with someone asking about the exact php script I'm using and everyone said that the code will work fine online but XAMPP just can't do it.

Just wanted to offer some closure and thank all of you that tried to help. If you have any other guidance or tips to offer please feel free, I will continue to come around the forums in my attempt to learn