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    Private tutor available? [was: Help!]

    I am 18 and I am a beginner in web development. Trying to build website and at the same self teach my self web programming through internet. However, now after I have learnt the basics it takes me hours to find solutions for simple things.
    I was thinking if anyone could help me and give few advises through skype. This will definitely speed up my progress .

    Many Thanks!!!
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    Like anything new, it's going to be slow at the start. Best advice is to be sure you have read/learned as much as you can about basic syntax of the language and your tools (html editor, php editor or your ide tool) and that you have chosen easy projects to learn with. Let's face it - you're not going to be developing the next social media website for the next few months.

    That said - keep at it. Put something together and if it doesn't work, show that to us. And be sure that you have learned how to turn on PHP's error checking so you will at least get notified immediately when you have a coding mistake instead of wondering why your screen is blank.

    PS - read the sticky note at the top of this forum (or any forum) on "rules for posting". It will help you to abide by the forum's expected behavior and will enable you to get better and quicker responses to your requests for help.
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    Edited the OP to remove the (against the rules) skype ID.

    If you have questions, post them here so that all may benefit. While we have no problem helping the community, we don't really like doing free private tutoring.
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