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    I got this crazy idea:
    On a page I got some headlines with some text between (all from a mySQL db). I would like to have each of those headlines in a different, random color from a group of predefined colors, e.g. one headline in red, one in green and one in blue, so that the color of each headline changes when reloading the page.
    Is it possible? I'm still pretty new i PHP and don't have the faintest idea of how to do it.

    Ole, Denmark.
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    Why don't you define a group of colors like this in a separate include file or elsewhere:
    (Include ("colorgenerator.inc") :

    $ColorNumber = 7;
    $sec = Date(s);
    $Color = $sec % $ColorNumber;
    $Color +=1;
    if ($Color==1) {
    elseif ...
    Then put the variable where you want the color to be with <font color="<? $FontString ?>">.
    This will be functional enough if you have not many colors (better less than 10), and I guess you don't need more than 10, colors don't always go with each other.
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    What i would do is have an array of numbers, say like

    $colors[0] = "#000000"
    $colors[1] = "#000033"
    $colors[2] = "#000066"
    $colors[3] = "#000099"

    the get a random number between 0 and sizeOf($colors); then just say

    <font color="<? echo($colors[$rndNum]); ?>">Random Text</font>

    that way there wont be performance issuses that will be in the above code, do to having to check through a bunch of if/else statements.

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