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    Originally Posted by dmittner
    I'm not in the habit of changing the data a user puts in. I'll proofread it and let them decide how they want to change it to fit the guidelines, but I'm not so presumptuous that I'm going to decide how it should be changed on my own.
    But you apparently are presumptuous enough to declare someone's name invalid. That's my problem. You claim to be un-presumptuous to the point where you won't replace -- with -, but you still would like to disallow someone's actual name because it doesn't match your arbitrary validation rules.

    If you have a problem with em-dash, fix it. Specifically, fix the problem you're having. Don't solve some unrelated problem about the validity of someone's name. Fix the problem you have. Fix the dashes.

    (and yes, I know {L} doesn't mean "latin," but your code still allows for "Mike Rotch" and doesn't allow for someone's actual name)

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    • dmittner disagrees : And yet you haven't provided an example of a name that wouldn't be permitted.
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    I think it's rather useless trying to convince dmittner. He'll stick to his strange opinions, no matter how wrong they are.

    If I worked like you do (arbitrarily blocking users, breaking HTTP etc.), I'd very soon have a problem with our customers. But appearently you don't have to deal with trivial things like ... money.

    Just wondering what kind of error message you display for this weird problem. Do you just tell them the input is wrong and let them guess? Or is the message more specific?

    Dear user,
    unfortunately, our application is unable to handle different character
    variations. Since we do not want to be so presumptuous as to fix this
    problem, we ask you to replace the so called en dash (U+2000) in your
    input with a hyphen (U+0020).
    In order to avoid your terrible mistake in the future, please learn 
    all Unicode code points by heart and type them in manually. 
    Good luck!
    Note that you cannot use this website until you have obeyed.
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    Okay, I think everyone gets the picture: restricting to ASCII is dangerous because not everybody has pure ASCII names. It doesn't look like either side of the issue is going to win the argument so let's just leave it at that.
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