Okay, I'm new to PHP, and I'm trying to make a portal type page for a small group of friends to use (poll, customizable news, weather, that kind of stuff) and I wrote this function to grab news from moreover or any other rdf/xml file (it has quite a few variables needed, but oh well, at least its modular). The thing is, whenever I try to do more than one source it gives me "Warning: File("") - Error 0 in /home/impulse/public_html/jawa/news.php3 on line 7" I have no clue what this means and could reallyuse some help. My code is below for anyopne who can take a look at it or even wants to use it for future reference.

function getnews($slashfile,$slashsite,$slashsitename,$incrmnt,$title1,$title2,$title3,$url1,$url2,$url3)
echo "<table class="newstable" width="95%" align="center" valign="top" cellspacing=5 cellborder=0 cellpadding=0>";
echo "<tr><td width="111"><img src="headline.gif"></td><td class="news" width="95%"><a href="$slashsite">$slashsitename</a></td></tr>";

$slash = file($slashfile);
$numfr = 10;
$i = 0;
$title = $title3;
$link = $url3;
while($numfr > $i)
$slash[$title] = ereg_replace("$title1", "",$slash[$title]);
$slash[$title] = ereg_replace("$title2", "",$slash[$title]);
$slash[$link] = ereg_replace("$url1", "",$slash[$link]);
$slash[$link] = ereg_replace("$url2", "",$slash[$link]);
echo "<tr><td class="newstext" colspan="2"><a href="$slash[$link]">$slash[$title]</a></td></tr>";
$title = $title + $incrmnt;
$link = $link + $incrmnt;
echo "</table><br>";

getnews("http://slashdot.org/slashdot.xml", "http://slashdot.org", "Slashdot Headlines", 11, " <title>", "</title>", 4, " <url>", "</url>", 5);

getnews("", "http://l0pht.com", "Computer Security News", 12, " <headline_text>", "</headline_text>", 5, " <url>", "</url>", 4);