Been looking at the article on PHPBuilder about making php based sites indexable by search engines:

It says that by adding a new section to your access.conf (or httpd.conf as i'm running apache 1.3.12):

<Location /local>
ForceType application/x-httpd-php3

Then any requests under will call a script.
I've got two questions:

1) What will the script be called and where will it reside?
2) Is the specified location (from the httpd.conf) the path relative to the server or the web site?

In my case i want a url request such as:
to parse out two variables a=123 and b=345 to the file /dev/index.php

That way by using a fake directory structure you can pass variables and search engines will be able to index the site (since there are no ? or & in the urls)

Has anyone got this working (Amazon seems to use this type of method)?


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