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    Q. How can I use a web-interface and PHP to send a simple text message to hundreds of subscribers WITHOUT the wait-time associated with the mail() function?

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    I run a web site which has a few hundred subscribers. Their email addresses are being stored on a MySQL database. I can easily build a web-interface to send them all a simple text message using the mail() function. I could either loop through the table of email addresses and send them each a "To:" message using the mail() function, or I could list all their addresses in one long string and "Bcc:" the lot of them using just a single call to the mail() function.

    But as the list of names gets bigger and bigger, the time between hitting the 'Send Now' button and the processing actually finishing is getting longer and longer. I want to be able to give this functionality to a few others, therefore I'm looking for a more robust solution where they are not able to accidentally stop the mailing process once it's been initiated. Or perhaps it's possible to display a small progress bar on the screen (from 0% to 100%) as the emails get sent?

    So what I'm really looking for is a solution which sends a message out to all these recipients as some sort of background task after I hit the 'Send Now' button. I'm using a remote UNIX-based hosting service with an Apache web server.

    Any suggestions anyone? I'd prefer to write a solution myself (or be able to highly customise an open-source solution), so I guess I'm just looking for directions right now.

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    PHP seems to have a function for just about everything. In this case I think the Ignore_User_Abort() function, coupled with a bit of other code, would probably do it. See http://www.php.net/manual/function.i...user-abort.php

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