I know I've set variables directly this way to avoid the while() loop since there will only be 1 returned row, but my page now no seems to load. The server they want me to write this on appears to offer zero error anywhere I look. My best guess was just the setting array the way I am attempting to. Should this work?

PHP Code:
function setVars($machID) {
$statement $link->prepare("SELECT machines.`Part Description`,machines.`Part Number`,machines.`Serial Number`,machines.`Head Count`,machines.`Ink Type`,machines.`Software Version`,machines.`Spray Type`,machines.`HaspSerial`,machines.`HaspExp`,machines.`Date Opened`,machines.`Ship Date`,machines.`Installation Date`,machines.`End Warranty Period`,machines.`Note` FROM `machines` INNER JOIN `customers` ON machines.`CustomerID`=customers.`ID` WHERE machines.`ID`=?");
//while ($statement->fetch()) {
  //  $var['companyID'] = $col1;
  //  $var['name'] = $col2;
  //  $var['position'] = $col3;
  //  $var['number'] = $col4;
  //  $var['type'] = $col5;
  //  $var['email'] = $col6;
  //  $var['note'] = $col7;