I have a site where people pay for a service through paypal, then they go to a sign up page. I had originally wanted to grab the http referrer and check and make sure it's from paypal, howvever since paypal is on a secure server https - the referer is not always present in the browser when it goes to the signup page.

So i figure my solution is to send the user to a page on my site lets call it secretpage.php and on this page I want to set the referer to secretpage.php

Then they can be automatically redirected to the signup.html page where the referer is then checked.

if referrer is secretpage.php they can sign up if anything else they are redirected to a another page.

Any ideas on how to set the php page so that it will set the http referer to secretpage.php?

Oh and what happens or what might be a workaround that if the http referer can't be set then how can i get them to signup.html without being rejected?