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    Sorting a loop by date


    I'm using Simple XML to read from an XML file. I've done a loop for each event. It gives me all the events back in the order of the XML file. However, instead I am trying to sort events by date. Any idea how I could do this?

    Please see my code below. FYI, the date and time is in UTC timestamp format (eg. 1377361800)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    PHP Code:
    $newresult $result->xpath("//match/matchname[.='$uniqueteam']/..");

       foreach (
    $newresult as $newmatchlist) {

    $newmatch trim($newmatchlist->{'matchname'}[0]);
    $sport $newmatchlist->{'sportname'}[0];
    $tournament $newmatchlist->{'tournamentname'}[0];

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    not sure what you're having trouble with. Grab the events, put them into an array and then then sort this array by the timestamps -- just like you would do with any other data.

    For example, you could use the timestamps as keys and then apply ksort().

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    PHP has some nice array sorters, consult the manual.

    As these are objects with properties....I'm not sure if there's anything in the SPL for this, or if you need to put them in an array first and then sort those
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