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    Need tip on working with evergreen launch

    Do you see flaws in this system?


    I am trying to find out the midnight of 5 days from the date they signed up so we close the page then.

    When contact gets added to a sequence (opt in form, api, bla, etc), we add them to a sequencer and send them various emails based on the date and time they signed up.

    In our system, we store the date added as time() as well.

    We occasionally send these contacts to sales pages with a timer on them.

    Now what I need to fiure out is:

    1 - Find out when the user was added to the sequence.
    2 - Find out X days from that date.
    3 - Set the <?php $epoc;?> to that time
    4 - If the user hits the date after that page, redirect to offer is over.

    NOTE: There might be a little delay from Ontraport API. So my system may get notified a few minutes (up to 30 min) later.

    So what I do when user visits the page, I load the time user has been added to the sequence

    Sales pages
    PHP Code:
    public function index($plc,$email)
    $query $this->db->get_where('evergree_sequence_taboo', array('email' => $email));
    $date_added date('Y-m-d',$query->result_array()[0]['time_added']);
    $this->data['epoc'] = strtotime($date_added." +5 days");
    $this->data['epoc'] = $this->data['epoc']."000";
    "No records found";

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