Please help me . I want to create a page that allow user to search customer information by customer ID and show the information in text box.and it also allow user to edit the information in the text box and update it.

I had done search but i can't do UPDATE.
i need someone to help


<form action="update3.php" name="custRegister" method="post">

search:<input type="text" name="search" />
<input type="submit" name='submit' value='search' />
<input type="submit" name="update" value="update"/>

<br /><br />

$dbc = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', 'abc123', 'gksport') or die('Error connecting to MySQL server.');
if (isset($_POST['search']))

$query ="SELECT * from customer WHERE C_ID LIKE '%$search%' ";

$result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query)or die('Error querying database.');
echo "There is no result";
while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))

echo '<form action=update3.php method=post>';
echo ' ID:' .'<input type="text" name="ID" value="'.$ID.' "\n" />';
echo ' Name:' .'<input type="text" name="name" value=" '.$name.' "\n" />';
echo ' IC:' .'<input type="text" name="IC" value=" '.$IC .' "\n" />';
echo ' Date of Birth:' .'<input type="text" name="birthday" value=" '.$birthday.' "\n" />';
echo ' Address:' .'<input type="text" name="address" value=" '.$address.' "\n" />';
echo ' Postcode:' .'<input type="text" name="postcode" value=" '.$postcode.' "\n" />';
echo ' City:' .'<input type="text" name="city" value=" '.$city.' "\n" />';
echo ' State:' .'<input type="text" name="state" value=" '.$state.' "\n" />';
echo ' Phone:' .'<input type="text" name="phone" value=" '.$phone.' "\n" />';
echo ' Group:' .'<input type="text" name="group" value=" '.$group.' "\n" />';
echo ' User ID:' .'<input type="text" name="userID" value=" '.$userID .' "\n" />';
echo ' Password:' .'<input type="text" name="password" value=" '.$password .' "\n" />';
echo '<input type="hidden" name="hidden" value="'.$IC.' "\n" />';
echo '</form>';