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    I'm new to php and i was wondering where i can find (mysql, php, apache)[win32] so that i can practice and learn php at home without having to be constantly logged on to the internet? The only copy i can find of mysql for windows is the one that you have to pay for. Does anyone know where i can find the "free" one? IS apache available for windows95?

    Since im a student, and always broke, im looking for the free way into this. I can't pay huge amounts to money to learn php.... :/
    Any help would be appreiciated

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    rod k
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    Check www.apache.org for the binaries of apache for Win32.

    There is no "Free" Win32 version of MySQL. Sorry. The only thing you can download is the 3.21 binary as a 30 day trial.

    You can have Linux in a partition on your Winblows box and install the Linux versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache there. Also, should grab a copy of NS for Linux so you can browse at the same time. I can't tell you how to do the partition thing as I have Linux and Win95 on seperate boxes, networked. Best development solution I know of. Can use the Win Clients so I know how 99% of the world is looking at the page, and using the open source stuff with the exact config my host uses makes development a breeze.

    Even though you're a "poor student" you might be able to do this solution as well. Biggest expense for the extra system would be a monitor, and if you expect to use a lot of DBs I'd recommend a healthy size drive as well (at any rate no less than 2.1G). But the rest should be cheap. A 486dx66 is fast enough for this purpose and I use 48 MB (though I've heard people use as little as 16MB for similar purposes w/o complaint). A couple of $10 networking cards, a x-over cable and you are in business
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    A big ditto on the above. You can get a 486 for free these days if you know where to look. Ask everyone you know who works in a business, and somewhere you will find people throwing them away, even low-end Pentiums.

    I would suggest RedHat Linux or Mandrake Linux (same as Redhat but optimized for pentiums) for ease of install. You can get a Linux CD for as cheap as 1.99 at www.cheapbytes.com

    I have done all of the above, and I recommend greatly the following page to assist you in seting up PHP, MySQL and Apache: http://www.sfu.ca/~yzhang/linux/webdb/toc.html

    I promise it will be frustrating at times, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when it DOES come together. Read all your HowTos.

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