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    I have a mySQL table items. With Category, Product, Description and Price. I have to find all the category and list them using PHP in my web page (pricelane.tzo.com)

    Say I have 10 Electronics and 3 Computers and 6 Software, the list should only say Electronics(10) and Computers(3) and Software(6).

    Is there any PHP-MYSQL function to cut this?

    Appreciate any help

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    well I have figured (it is not that difficult) out a way:

    Here is my code:
    <body bgcolor=YELLOW>
    <h1>Item Index</h1>
    mysql_connect("localhost", "userid", "");
    $query = "SELECT category FROM items ORDER BY category";
    $result = mysql_db_query("mydatabase", $query);
    if($result) {
    $number = mysql_numrows($result);
    echo "Item Index: ($number) <ul>";
    $j = 0;
    $icat = "";
    WHILE ($j < $number){

    $category = mysql_result($result,$j,"category");
    if ($j == 0){
    //if it is the first item set icat value
    $icat = $category;
    //depending on the keyword clicked the correspondig page will be opened, at this moment this is not complete and need some work here
    echo "<li><A href='$category.php3'>$category</A>";
    }elseif ($category <> $icat){ //icat value has changed
    $icat = $category; //again set icat value
    echo "<li><A href='$category.php3'>$category</A>"; //display as a href link
    $j++; //increment the value.
    echo "</ul>";
    } else {
    echo "No data."; //if not data
    mysql_free_result($result); //clear the array

    ..some footer code here
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    Hi Kumars,

    I didn't take the time to read all of your code (sorry), so I may have misinterpreted what you are trying to do, but you may be able to save some time with MySQL's count() function:


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    Thank you. GROUP BY is what exactly I wanted to use. I just did the whole script with one line here is the command
    $query = "select category from items GROUP BY
    WOW! it is neat.

    Thank you Christopher for pointing the direction.

    pricelane.tzo.com (future www.pricelane.com)

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