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    Hi all..
    I'm just starting to learn PHP but even the "Hello Worlds" Script's don't run.
    If I do php.exe index.htm it runs but if i start it in my IE5 nothing appears..
    Here's the code :

    $myvar = "Hello World";
    echo $myvar;


    thnx in advance... laxin
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    rod k
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    If your server isn't set up to execute php3 on .htm scripts it won't work. Either change the extension to .php3 or set a directive to tell your server to have php3 parse your .htm file.
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    >I'm having the same problem with >the "hello world!" program. Except, I >simplified the code to read:
    > <html>
    > <body>
    > <?php
    > echo "Hello World!";
    > ?>
    > </body>
    > </html>
    >I named the file test.php3.
    >If I double-click on it in NT explorer (I'm >running it on NT 4 with serv. pack 3) a >window pops up and parses the code >beautifully. But if I try and open it in >IE5, or NS4.6, I get a "page cannot be >found" error. I've made sure that it's in >the right spot, under my web's root >directory.
    >Anybody have any ideas?
    >Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    >Thank you.

    I posted the above message, but I just discovered the answer.
    It turns out that evidently somewhere in my IIS configuration, I had not made the root directory executable. I had already made the directory with the actual php3 script executable, but I guess that wasn't enough. I hope this will help anybody else that might get the same error.


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