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    how do i get some information about my visitors?
    Things like IP, Operating System,used browser, referrer url and so....

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    Your webserver's log is going to have the majority of that information.

    If you want that info to use in a PHP script, fire up a page containing the command php_info();

    On that page you will find all values that PHP knows and the respective variable name for use in your script.
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    Depends on when you need that information. Like the previous poster mentioned, you can get it out of the web server log.

    If you need it in real time, for your CGI, there are environment variables that the server provides, things like $HTTP_USER_AGENT (browser) and $REMOTE_ADDR (IP address). PHP automatically provides these to you, you merely need to reference them.

    You can get a list of the standard environment variables for CGI use at http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/cgi/env.html

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    I'm doing it at the moment heres the script

    if (!$UserID)
    $UserID=" ";
    if (!$frame)
    $frame=" ";


    this will log your users into a file dated for each days access. You cans then cat them to sort it and merge them

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