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    I am trying to get the above combination to work. Compiling PHP with Oracle support seems to work in that there are no errors from the compile and install. Likewise with compiling PHP3 as a static module in Apache. However apache gets a segmentation violation code 11 when it hits the first oracle related function in the php code. The documentation on actually getting Oracle support working in PHP is very sparse. Is there anyone out there who has done this successfully who would care to share their secrets?

    I am using PHP3.0.12, Oracle 7.3.4, Apache 1.3.6 on HP/UX 10.20.
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    We have the same combination and it works fine. What mesg did you get ? What is your code ?
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    On the web browser you see "Page contained no data". In the apache error log you see "Segmentation violation 11". I have tried to compile PHP as a module (mod_php) and as a standalone cgi.



    // connect to server

    error_log("Attempting connection to Oracle database", 0, "", "");

    $connection = ora_logon("scott","tiger");

    Through debugging, I find that everything crashes on the ora_logon line.

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