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    Hey everyone, pretty new to PHP so I'll try not to be a lamer

    What I am trying to do is:

    I have a formmail that when submitted gets emailed to myself.

    Whomever is using the form is *supposed* to enter their email.

    What I want to do is - be able to check for specific criteria of the email. For example:

    That they have the proper format (i.e. '@') and make it so that they HAVE to enter their email in order to submit the form.

    Anyone have anyclues??

    Much appreciated.


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    You can do this with JavaScript, which makes it a whole load easier than server-side scripting and stuff.
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    Nevermind people, I just figured it out
    Was so simple I feel dumb :P

    Seoncdly, if I WANTED to use Javascript I WOULD have. Hence the reason I posted in the PHP forum???
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    Check out this page for at least two email-checking routines:

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    But having done a few tests, it looks like this function I've found from somewhere is pretty solid. If anyone has a more accurate/efficient better one, let me know. I guess anyone writing such code must have a good knowledge of exactly what does and doesn't consitute a valid, internationally recognised, email address. I mean, what if someone tries to enter non-English characters? Maybe if someone in China (for example) wants to join a mailing list with this function verifying their email address, they'll be denied. Can anyone else illuminate?

    function email_check ($address) {
    if (!eregi("^[^@[:space:]]+@([[:alnum:]-]+.)+[[:alnum:]][[:alnum:]][[:alnum:]]?$", $address)) {
    return FALSE;
    } else {
    return TRUE;
    } // endif
    } // endfunc

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