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    How can I execute an INSERT and SELECT on multiple MySQL tables in a database?

    There seems to be lots of examples and tutorials on performing actions on a single table, but I'm using multiple tables to organize my data and I have no programming experience whatsoever. :P

    Thanks for your time.

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    There may be a proper way of doing this, but I would just have two INSERT statements and treat the tables seperatly. The user should not notice any differance.

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    Let's say you want all 'field1' from 'table1' and 'field2' from 'table2' where the value of the 'recordid' column (in both tables) matches.

    Your select would look like this:

    SELECT field1.table1, field2.table2 FROM table1, table2 WHERE recordid.table1 = recordid.table2;

    You can see the basics in working with multiple tables - use the *.<tablename> format to specify which table you want to work with. If 'field1' and 'field2' in the example above are unique names, then you can leave off the tablename - SQL is smart enough to figure it out.
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    This is how I INSERT into a SET-type field.
    Instead of this:
    <SELECT NAME="field_Name" MULTIPLE SIZE=3>

    Make you select box an array like this:
    <SELECT NAME="field_Name[]" MULTIPLE SIZE=3>

    That will store the multiple values. Then when you INSERT your data, you want all the values of the array attached with commas(,).
    Your INSERT should look like this:

    $sql = "INSERT INTO TBN_directory VALUES ('$field1','$field2','";
    $sql .= implode(",", $field_Name);

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