Need PHP Developers:

My name is Justin House. I am the president of Northern Colorado On-Line, a northern Colorado search engine. We are currently looking for PHP/MySql programmers. Developers must be experienced in creating shopping carts, searchable databases, and other complex PHP functions. If you feel these functions aren't complex, definitely give me an email. Must be very, very, very reliable.

We have our own Linux server equipped with PHP, but not MySQL, yet. We have been developing our new site (Northern Colorado On-Line) on another server (equipped with PHP and MySql), however we are soon going to move everything over to our new box. Basically, I want to find someone that really has experience in Linux, PHP, and MySql. We pay very well.

I really want to learn this stuff, but presently I don't have the time. I would rather just pay someone to get our stuff rocking. You will have full access to our server, and since it's new, you can set it up your way (within reason that is). We are looking for someone to grow with us.

We are not like any other company. We are going to to change business. Care to join us?

Please, please, please only reply if you have experience. I will need to see some PHP developed sites as well. Thanks.