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    I have been looking at a lot of example code and tutorials recently and one thing I have notice is that there are lots of functions and constants that are not mentioned in the manual. For example, print and echo, PHP_SELF, and many more. My question is where does one find this information if it is not in the manual and how can we expect new users to understand whats going on if these thing are not documented - when, where and how to use echo instead of print?

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    Specifically, the answer to the echo vs. print question is "pick one you like." There's no practical difference between the two (although they're considered different types of "language constructs").

    Generally, if you haven't seen it already, check out the Annotated Manual on php3.net. It's kind of an "open source" manual where readers who find missing or incorrect information can add their take on the matter down at the bottom of the relevant doc page.

    For everything else, trial and error usually work well. There's a book out called 'Core PHP Programming,' of which at least 2/3 of the pages are dedicated to describing all of PHP's functions and providing more detailed examples of use than the PHP manual does.

    Remember that PHP is a free product, which doesn't guarantee any particular level of support that you may be accustomed to with commercial products. That's why we've got message forums like this - so people who have been through the learning process can help those who are getting started with it.

    Good luck!

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