I'm trying to get this search function mastered, however I'm having some troubles.

You can see it in action by going here: http://johnny.ncolorado.com/youwontguess.php3 and typing these keywords into the search field: "Breckenridge," "Lloyd Realty," "****," "Homes for sale," "Real Estate". As you will notice, the first 3 don't return a damn thing but an error. The 4th one displays some whacked results and the last is somewhat accurate. Now if you click through the categories instead of searching, this works pretty damn good, just not the searching.

It appears the php script (http://johnny.ncolorado.com/PHP/searchfunction.txt ) is only searching our category names, not "Titles, Descriptions, City Names, etc. I'm sure something also has to do with this script: http://johnny.ncolorado.com/PHP/searchresults.txt. You will also notice there are 2 drop down search boxes along with the search field. The drop down boxes work great, however as mentioned before, the search field is really lacking.

So here's my objectives:
1) It would cool if there wasn't any error messages when using a foreign character or word. If I search for ****, I want to get a message saying "Sorry, Try Again." When I search with a "+" between some words in an attempt to make a tighter search (i.e. fort+collins+real+estate) I really want to get some good ol' quality results...real estate actually in Fort Collins, not Steamboat or Vail, etc.
2) It would also be really, really cool if we could make a relevant search. Again, try searching "keystone real estate." It brings up real estate, but from every other city too. It would be great if it only brought up Keystone Real Estate. Don't you agree? I thought you would

Now, I've provided the code to the search box and the search results page below in the links below.

Can you help? I really want to learn this stuff in and out. Your help would be appreciated. I'm always looking for good php developers as we are a full web design company. If you've got the skills, I'd like to bring you work. Seriously. We're always working on some type of site involving a complex back end.

Thanks a ton in advance.


Justin House - justin@ncolorado.com

The search function code is here: http://johnny.ncolorado.com/PHP/searchresults.txt

The search results code is here: http://johnny.ncolorado.com/PHP/searchfunction.txt