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    Is there in PHP a way to create symbolic references when it comes to variable names? I am trying to define a variable using another variable as a part of the variable name. Something like:

    $string$another_var = "variable value"

    It can be done in practically any language, can it be done in PHP?

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    You can try it with variable variables:

    // give $another_var value of "stringanother_var"
    $another_var = "string" . "another_var";

    // Parse this value as name of a variable and give it a value as:

    $$another_var = "variable value";

    //if you then call:

    echo $stringanother_var;

    // Outputs: "variable_value"

    Is this what you meant?

    Regards, Peter

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    Maybe you want to try something like evaluate:

    $x = 321;
    eval('$name = $file'.$x.'_name;');

    This will result in the same code as:
    $name = $file321_name;

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