I have win32 shareware version of Mysql. I can't figure out how to get the dl("php3_mysql.dll") module to load automatically through the php3.ini file. I have been to the php3.ini file numerous times trying to get all of the paths and directories correct. I couldn't get any of them to work so I'm back to what the original instructions told me to do. That was to uncomment extension=php3_mysql.dll module under Windows extensions. I did that. And then the next step was to point the extension directory to where the php3.dll modules reside. And I did that. My
extension_dir = chp3. I've even tried putting the "chp3" in quotes like so. The only way I can get my php3 scripts connecting mysql to run are by adding dl("php3_mysql.dll"); before my mysql_connect code. Can anybody help me. Thanks.

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