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    I am using a flash form which sends data to a PHP script but I want the script to return nothing so the original page remains loaded in the browser window.

    Normally when a PHP script is being parsed the browser window turns blank, when I do not return any text.
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    A simple solution is to temporarily open a small new browser window and execute the php file there. Close the window after execution and you're done. I don't think there's any way to execute a php script in the background somehow (it does have to be called by the browser, so your page will go blank anyway)
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    PHP script is parsed on the server side, so if you want PHP scripts to be executed a request to the server has to be made (i.e. (re)loading of a page).
    Why not just execute the script on a reload of the original page. Put the script in the page and send the flashform outcome by a url-variable (page.php3?name="value") to trigger the script on reloading: if(isset($name)) { [execute script lines] }
    After that the page just returns as it was, or you can modify it according to the outcome of the executed script. Just as you wish.

    Greets, Peter
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    You can listen to them, or you can do it the right way:

    header("HTTP/1.0 204 No Response");

    and nothing else.
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    CBolt - You ought to write for DevShed.

    Thanks for all your input and insight. If you're interested in talking about writing for the site, drop me a line at

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    or you could load the script in a 'hidden' frame?
    cbolt's solution seems to be the nicest tho.
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    Randy, sorry but I'm too busy with my own site at the moment. Thanks for the offer though.

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