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    I made a wrapper class for MySQL ....

    class MySQL {
    var $ptrResult;

    function Query($Query) {
    $this->ptrResult = MYSQL_QUERY($Query);

    function Result($Index, $Field) {
    return MYSQL_RESULT($this->ptrResult, $Index, $Field)

    for some reason no matter what I do $this->ptrResult is always 0 is there a flaw in my class or what? I verified my $Query value and it gives back the correct information it's just that when I try this it won't work

    .. there are other functions in the class but those are the one's that don't work.... er the result pointer never gets set for some reason....

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    I see nothing wrong with your class definition. What do you mean you verified your query? Did you send it to mysql via the command line?

    If you get a 0 result that means that MySQL is throwing an error. You should add logic that tests ptrResult and if false print mysql_error(); to see what that error is.

    This can be done in the Query() method or in the main script, whichever best suits your purpose for error control.

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