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    I'm new to PHP and I'm trying an example from a book. This example is a small application that takes the output from a form and generates an e-mail message containing the form's contents. This is called Ex5.html :

    <head><title>Example #5</title></head>
    <form method=POST action=example_5.php3>
    EMail Address:<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="email_address"><br>
    Phone Number: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="phone_number<br>

    and this is called example_5.php3 :


    $message = sprintf("Form data -----------------n");

    while(list($key, $val) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
    $message .= sprintf(#34>[%s]: %sn", $key, $value);

    $message .= "n";
    $message .= "More Information ------------------n");
    $message .= "The user's IP address is";
    $message .= getenv("remote_addr").".n";
    $message .= "The user is running the web browser ";
    $message .= getenv("http_user_agent").".n";

    mail("bijanbel@excite.com", "Feedback Form", $message, "
    From: Feedback someone@hotmail.com" );

    to invoke this I go to the html file with
    my browser I fill out the form and submit.
    then I get the following error messages :

    Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in
    /home/httpd/html/tests/example_5.php3 on line 5
    Warning: Unexpected character in input: '' (ASCII=92) state=1 in
    /home/httpd/html/tests/example_5.php3 on line 6
    Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in /home/httpd/html/sheilabel/tests/example_5.php3 on line 7

    >>> Does anyone have any idea how to fix this ? Some how it is not recognizing $HTTP_POST_VARS as an array but why I don't know.
    >>> Please help. Thanx
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    hi i'm a newbie, but
    it looks like this is what's wrong on line 6$message .= "More Information ------------------n");

    remove the ) before ;
    and i think the problem is solved

    good luck,

    Jan, the Netherlands.

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