I'm wanting to encrypt some data on my site. So I first looked into using the built in crypt and decrypt fuctions. The sample code below works most of the time. However, the message and password I've listed in the sample diminstrates a problem. When the string is decrypted only half of the string is properly restored. Any ideas anyone?

$password = "zpasswordzzzzzzz";
$message = "The Falcon Is Beside The Watch Dog";

$scramble = addslashes( base64_encode( encrypt( $message, 2, $password) ) );
$descramble = decrypt( base64_decode( stripslashes($scramble) ), 2, $password );

//$scramble = encrypt( $message, 2, $password);
//$descramble = decrypt( $scramble, 2, $password);

print "message = $message<br>n";

print "scramble = " . htmlspecialchars($scramble) . "<br>n";

print "descramble = $descramble<br>n";