Hi everyone,
I need to some help with regexps. What I would like to do is scan a different html page for say size="2" colour="000000" text and output it in a format of my choice.

This is what i have so far:

Firstly...the seperate file is readfile.html
<FONT COLOR="#CCCCCC" SIZE="2">Johnny</FONT><br>

and this is my php file
$filename = "readfile.html";
$fd = fopen( $filename, "r" );
$contents = fread( $fd, filesize( $filename ) );
fclose( $fd );
echo ereg_replace('<FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE="2"[^>]*</FONT>', "", $contents);

Now, even though i have color #000000 it still brings up the results Johnny and Fred. Why is this?
Once it does get the correct results, how do i put this information say into a table with a different font and color?

Also, could someone just give me some tips on ereg code for wildcards, repeat text etc etc. as well please?

Thanks for your help