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    Php is very powerful and useful
    if you have your own server.
    On webhotels it's always in safemode.

    In safemode it sucks bad.
    then it's worse than a lame crippled
    version of javascript 0.3b.

    I DON'T GET IT???
    Why do they use safemode?? when
    someone still can hack the
    f-cking server by using perl if they wanted to???

    It's just plain lameness and ignorance.
    sysadmins think safemode sounds cool,
    without knowing what it is.
    Lame retarded clowns, that have only
    read about win-nt in school ..and are
    using unix/apache just becuse everyone
    is talking about it.
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    normally when an isp offers perl capabilities, it is via cgi wrappers. or maybe with a true dedicated virtual server.

    they offer safe mode php when they don't want (or can't) use cgi php with wrappers. this might be for speed (mod_php is much faster) or functionality.

    actually safe_mode has some advantages such as being able to connect automatically to a mysql db using the username of the owner of the script doing the calling.

    sysadm's are justifiably concerned about security and users messing up servers. there will always be a tradeoff when security is in place, so you just have to like it or lump it.

    or pay more money for your own dedicated server - then you'll begin to understand their reasons.

    however, well-configured safe_mode shouldn't cause any problems except in particular situations (maybe like yours), so 99% of users won't worry about it.

    you don't really explain what your problem is, otherwise someone might be able to find out what is going wrong...

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