I have a challenge for someone ASAP...

What I want to do is redesign a registration form that combines MYSQL and PHP to allow for "multiple" registrations (variable number) instead of just allowing a single one as it does now. I did not do the original form, but am redesigning it.

go to the following URL to have a look:

Page 1 allows you to select which seminar you want to attend (driven from a MySQL database)

Page 2 allows you to enter personal info, as well as a radio button about how you're going to pay (non-secure)

Page 3 echoes the info from the page 2 form for visual verification, then sends it in a formatted e-mail to a sepcified address.

What is the best way to design for multiple registrants? I'd like to do a script that reproduces the form at the top of the page but echoes each preceding registration under it, gathering them all up as it goes, then e-mailing them all at the end.

Or, is it better to replicate, say, 10 forms on the same page and echo the results 10 times on the next page, wiping out those that didn't get filled in (say if you only did 8), and emailing them all in one message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and the sooner the better (preferably tonight!)

Ben Lass