I've got an requirement for a script which will work as follows:

I have content (both text and images) on many pages. Users can browse the pages and select various pages which they want to print. In order to save paper, instead of printing each page individually, there is an option on each page to copy the content to 1 single page, which can be printed at the end of the user's session.
I need help to figure out a way to begin the script, which I guess will in some ways be similar to a shopping cart system (??). The user adds text to aother page (cart). And at the end of their session they can view this page (cart) and print it all out.
I would like to avoid the initial text, on the normal pages of the site, from being dynamic. eg. normal web pages with a database being used only to make the final printable page.

Once again, I don't think I explained that very well, but I hope you get the idea. Anybody got any ideas on how to start?

Thanks in advance,

Richard Underwood