I'm just wondering if anyone out there has been able to get sessions with IIS 4.0 to work. Here we use v4.0b4pl1 because when I upgraded to RC1, RC2, AND 4.0 final, sessions decided they didn't want to work. I submitted a bug report to php.net (http://bugs.php.net/version4/?id=4543) over a week ago and still have not seen either a response or someone assigned to check the bug out. I realize most submitted bugs aren't actually bugs but user install errors, but I'm convinced I've found a bug, but in case I'm wrong, thats why I'm asking. Something like this I would think needs to be looked at because there are a number of large sites that use IIS and PHP. Not everyone is given the option to use Apache. (I'm the only person in the office that knows how to use Apache, everyone knows how to setup IIS.)