Here is my problem :
I install PHPLIB + PHPSlash (phplib.netuse.de) on my local computer: Win2000, Apache 1.3.6, PHP 3.0.4, MySQL3.21.29-gamma,
and all work fine. Its mean that I can run index.php3 from PHPlib, session writes to database, and admin works fine in PHPSlash.

When I install PHPlib and PHPSlash on my hoster company computer : FreeBSD 3.3-STABLE FreeBSD, Apache Version: Apache/1.3.9, MySQL 3.22.32 , PHP Version 3.0.12,
(you can see http://atlantida.agava.ru/t.php3 phpinfo)

PHPLib doesnt work! When I run index.php3 (from PHPlib) its not write Example Session to Database, and I get 404 error in my browser.
Admin in PHPSlash works only when I enter my passoword and login. I see Story List, but when I want to change something (like post new, or subbit sumission), I again recieve login prompt.
Session Slash writes to Database.

When I install my PHPslash I include in admin files
becouse the forms in admin.php3 files needs $PHP_SELF
(on my local computer I dont need this, and I dont know why I must post this on my online configuration)
If I didnt inclide this, I cant login in admin.

My session.inc is standart for PHPlib.

I think, that problem is here
function self_url() {

return $this->url($PHP_SELF.
((isset($QUERY_STRING) && ("" != $QUERY_STRING)) ? "?".$QUERY_STRING : ""));

When I change this funtion to
function self_url() {

return $this->url("/".
((isset($QUERY_STRING) && ("" != $QUERY_STRING)) ? "?".$QUERY_STRING : ""));

And run http://myserver.ru/phplib/index.php3 (default index.php3 for phplib)
I get something like this http://myserver.ru/?Example_session=3243dfgsffdg in my brouser
but it not writes to database.

Here is my big problem. Please, help me if you can!
What I must change and try to PHPlib do work ?