i am having a problem with my cookie script: using setcookie(), the cookie does not seem to get saved anywhere on the users' hard disk ?! I tried on several machines using ie5 and can't seem to find the cookie in the "cookies" directory. Plus my script creates a new cookie every time i reopen explorer (tho not when i refresh it) so i guess the cookie isn't getting writte. My script is:

if (isset($cookiename))
{ //Begin instructions for existing Cookie
$info = explode("&", $cookiename);

then update counter; then update info in db;
else create new cookie using setcookie after having gotten info off the database:

#insert these variables into database
mysql_connect("", "", ") or die ("Problem connecting to DataBase in creating new cookie");
$query = "insert into cookies1 values ('predefined variables except for an autoincrement primary key called ID, which is set to null')";
$result = mysql_db_query("dbname", $query) or die ("Problems.... ");

#i then redo a search on the db lookin for #these predefined values to find out what #number mysql has assigned to $ID
mysql_connect('', '', '') or die ("Problem ");
$query = "select * from tablename where variable1='$variable1' AND count='$count'";
$result = mysql_db_query("dbname", $query) or die ("Problems.... ");

#set these variables into cookie
setcookie ("cookiename",$CookieString, time()+99999999999, "/", ".carrierworld.com", 0);

any ideas why this doesn't work ???

cheers, nick