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    Ok.... im a total n00b at php... i get the gist of it etc. but can i use php to perform the same as generic ssi?
    (ie pulling the main content out of the actual page... and sticking in and include or however you'd do it in php)
    I assume this is true, I'm just looking to be re-affirmed on this fact
    anyone know of where i can find out *how* to do this?

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    <?php include('thisfile.php3/html/whatever');?>

    the include file can be text , a ripped page , pure script , html - whatever.

    You may need to check your permissions for including external files.

    Simon Wheeler
    FirePages -DHTML/PHP/MySQL
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    use the include(); function or require(); function, the only difference among both is that with include(); you are able to call array's of files..

    PS: if you wanted to include, say file B.php3 in file A.php3, such as,
    (file A.php3):
    <?PHP include('B.php3'); ?>, to call back file A.php3 in file B.php3, u can use the $PHP_SELF variable to call the 'parent' file.. i guess you should know this..
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    From what I have read the differencd between require and include is that require executes any scipts in the required file whether it is called or not where include only ececutes the scripts in it's file if it is called. In the following example 1 only file a would run any script in it where as example 2 both file a and b would run any script in them. ie:
    //example 1
    $a = "1";
    if ($a == 1) {require (file a)}
    if ($a == 2) {include (file b)}

    //example 2
    $a = "2";
    if ($a == 1) {require (file a)}
    if ($a == 2) {include (file b)}

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