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    This in PHP3:

    I have a class 'sm' that wants to call a method in another class 'db'.

    Class sm has a class variable $db that holds an instance of db.

    This works:

    $result = $this->db->Query("SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE somefield = 'xyz'");

    This does not work:

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE somefield = 'xyz'";

    $result = $this->db->Query($sql);

    The second version causes PostGres to issue a parsing error. I've cut and pasted the SQL back and forth... it's identical in both cases.

    Printing the $sql arg in the receiving method shows exactly the same text either way.

    Setting a local variable in the receiving method to the passsed $sql, and then passing the local to PostGres doesn't help.

    Passing $sql by reference doesn't help.

    I'm baffled. Any ideas?
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    Sounds like a prob i once had. Try
    $result = $this->db->Query("sql");

    It sounds dumb, i know, but it solved my prob. I think it has to do with the way strings are parsed in the db functions.


    // Martin

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