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    I am trying to install a problem tracking application (PTS/Keystone from Stonekeep) on to a Linux server.

    The requirements for the server/application are:
    PHP3 (with Apache compiled in as an apache module),
    Mysql database

    I have created a test file called test.php containing <?PHP_INFO();?>
    When I point my browser to the test file located in /usr/local/apache/htdocs, I get the required system information. But if I point my browser to the Keystone file index.php3, in the same location, I get no response at all. If I copy the file from index.php3 to index.php4, and point my browser at it all I get is a display of the physical script, i.e. the actual lines of code, not the screen display.

    I have installed PHP4 instead of PHP3 as I was informed that the parser was backward compatible. Is this part of my problem? If so can I install PHP3 and make it co-exist with PHP4, or do I have to scrub PHP4?

    Also, I have installed my application in a directory /usr/local/www/data/keystone, do I need to change any parameters in Apache’s configuration to pick up this directory??

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    Well there are several things here, first php4's extensions are .php and php3's are php3, also in you apache config, there should be a line like:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php3

    make sure that it is uncommented and also add another that says

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

    What is in your index.php3? Does it actually try to connect to the database? If so, make sure MySQL is running, and that you have a user, password, and the actual database required for your application, this is waht I would say is most plausible, it probably can't get to your database, and just isn't reporting the error.


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