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    I have a php script that processes a form and enters data into a mySQL database. Two of the fields that are entered are dates. One - when it was processed (I use the now() function) and one that would be an expiration date. I am using datetime field types in mySQL.

    I need to automaticall add 90 days to the expiration date. Is there a way to do this that is easy like NOW() + 90 days or some thing...

    Please help - it is all I need to figure out and then I can use this baby!
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    To add a period of time, in terms of a whole
    day.. here's a little sample

    $days = 90;

    $expires = time() + (86400 * $days);

    86400 is the number of seconds in a given day.

    In short, now $expires is equal to this "time()" 90 days from today.

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    Robert, that would require three queries to the db.

    MW, check out the date_add() function in mysql.

    insert into table_name (added,expires) values (now(),date_add(now(),interval 90 day));

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