I'm a programmer working on a HUGE project using PHP and PostgreSQL.., but I started using PHP only three weeks ago, I'm no web programmer, so I have a tiny problem for you here:

I'm making an "online harddisc" type of thing, where the user can among other things upload and download files. But I cant figure out how to do the download to the client. Let me spesify; I can do the download, but the file gets the name of the php-script.

Someone said:
<quote> make the link thar specifies the script/file like this http://somewhere.com/download.php3/o...r=anyvariables
Then in the script download.php3 put this after doing your processing Header("Content-type: application/RFC822"); readfile($copyfile); </quote>

What does dowload.php3/orig.txt mean??? Why the '/'???

And the problem; the browser tries to download 'downlaod.php3' instead...

My test file:

if ($id=="lastned") {

//Header("Content-type: application/RFC822");
//Header("REFRESH: 2; URL=logo.gif");
//header("Location: logo.gif"); /* Redirect browser to PHP web site */
Header("Content-type: application/RFC822");
//Header("Content-type: application/RFC822");
<img src="logo.gif"><p>
<form action="rfc_test.php?id=lastned" method="POST">
<input type=submit>

Hope someone can help, I'm somewhat desperate... (deadlines)!

- Torbjørn Marø