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    Okay, just looking for some info
    on CSV files....

    specifically speaking, I would like to see a csv file exported from MS Excel.

    I have thus far seen a couple different csv's from a couple of different programs, and in both cases they were rather different.

    One exported from InfoSelect 4:
    first row: field names
    all other rows: field data

    One exported from another program
    just field data

    I'm really curious as to how excel exports csv's..

    also, can someone tell me what file extensions are specifically used
    for Access, and what formats can Access export to?

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    You can export from Excel or Access as delimited text files, or csv. There are several choices as to the delimiter.

    Here's an example from an Excel worksheet (comma delimited):

    1,01-May-00,Duplissie,1,121 Brookside Place,Routine,Absent,Absent,,
    ,01-May-00,Duplissie,2,3020 King Circle,Routine,Absent,Absent,,
    ,01-May-00,Duplissie,3,3162 Crescent Avenue,Routine,Absent,Absent,,

    I just found, but haven't tried an automated csv dump program at http://oss.gospelcom.net/

    Also, if you get MyODBC, and your server allows it, you can connect to a MySQL database with Access.

    I think this was one of the links I found it at: http://www.iserver.com/support/addon.../msaccess.html

    The easiest and quickest non-automated way I've found to get csv/text (some type of delimited file) into and out of MySQL is phpMyAdmin, which is at phpwizard.net.

    Whew! That's just a start.

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    Thanks for the response, and answers.
    I'm a firm believer in PHP myAdmin, wizards really did well with it.

    Any way, I'm going to bounce out and look at these, well cept for myadmin, I have it..

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