I am encountering a rather interesting inconsistency between "path" variables in the
file() function (like fwrite() and fputs()) and the copy() functions.

I recently wrote a counter script which functions on my system (win9x).

I am writing another little automated links script which uploads the users chosen banner to the server. (using copy())

Now, here's the situation, the counter
would not write to the file locally if I used
a path like cathtocount.txt while the copy() function will not work if I don't use a path like cathtobanners, but on top of that I also have to use the
copy(stripslashes($path), $bannerpath);

In short, it's my humble .02 that these should work "the same way".. both are writing to the server.. so they should both accept the same darn path!

on the Unix server they certainly do, BUT using the stripslashes on the unix server causes the upload to fail..

so any user can readily see that this means that 2 versions of a script would have to be written to accomodate both win32 server and Unix servers..

Now, here's the error I get when using the copy() function.. perhaps someone knows how to fix it.

Unable to write to C:WINDOWSTEMPphp3
and I only get that after adding a directory c:windowstempphp2. because my first error said it couldn't find C:WINDOWSTEMPphp2.

Yea, that's right PHP4 first told me it couldn't find the tempphp2 folder, when I added that the error change to tempphp3, really darn stupid!

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